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Privacy Policy


Terms of Privacy

Guarding your privacy, our commitment is to defense your privet information is important us. In order to improve the defense on your privacy we provide this information as regards policy of the defense of our privacy and about the possibilities that stand in front of you at the time the leisure in the site and the more that touch to our carrying on as regards collection of information in the site.

In order to confirm awareness user the site, appears this information both in the homepage of the site and in each point in which required details of information are personal. The information that we collect in the site pages which given to order service of self-improvement or every other, required service of information as detailed : There, ID., address, email, telephone, number of credit card etc... '. At the register times the user provides relevant information for example, when order a present to the other person of impressions concerning them there, ID, email, address, telephone etc... '. What we do with the information in the sent information there execution of order of the service we do an use absolutely only to the performance target the assignment and the cut assignments (for example giving of feedback, a determination of couching on Skipe time, debit that surf, an expense of receipt etc... ' ). The information does not passed for all causes other, except for as all the required for completion the assignment (such as to the credit company). Sent information about other person for delivery of present serve to this effect only in the event that user sent us email will use the email address from which you sent for delivery email return but not for all a different target as well as will not deliver the address for all other body.

In the event of malfunction or apprehension to the injury in the privacy there is to turn to DR. Judith Sheleg