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About Us




My vision is to reach every person in the world, who is friendly with the computer, and show him how to merge his brain and heart. How to create emotional power and flexibility by upgrading his intuition. These powerful qualities create a blessed energy to the person and to his environment.


At the end of April 2011 I finished my obligation of getting my PhD. at Breyer State University from Los Angeles. I graduated as a Doctor of Philosophy in Management.



Professional Experience

Since the time I discovered the concept of emotional intelligence, I have been excited with the two words. In my original ways, I am researching the ability of how human beings can create a connection between their brain and their heart. They can then use the connection to create original, spontaneous and authentic life energy. In these last few years, I have associated my original ideas with computer technology. I intend to convert the original methodology taught by emotional intelligence experts, into a tool for self improvement of emotional intelligence via the computer.


I also created a project named “MEETING POINT FOR JEWISH ARTISTS” the program was to follow the idea “MACCABIAH”. This program is still in the shelves.


As an instructor for theatre and drama activities at Tel Aviv municipality, I created a framework for several theatre amateur festivals with thousands of participants. “THE TEL AVIV AUTUMN THEATRICAL FESTIVAL IN SUSAN DALAL” is my original structure and I ran it for the first 3 years. The same structure is still being used today since 1992.


In charge of directing ceremonies and performances in elementary and high schools. I taught this subject (directing of ceremonies and performances in physical education) at Wingate University in Israel.


Physical Education Teacher.



Formal Education

Breyer State University USA- Dr. of Philosophy in Management


Mediation Israeli Institute- Course for Mediators


Israeli Prime Minister Office- Course for Messengers to Manage Israeli Art Establishment in Russia


Tel Aviv Management College- International Trade and Marketing Management


Chamber of Commerce- Business Entrepreneurship


Tel Aviv University- Master Degree combination between Theatre and Organization Development


Tel Aviv University- Theatre Department, Bachelor Degree


Kibuttz College- Senior Dancing Teacher


Wingate University- Physical Education Teacher



PhD                                                                                                   http://screencast.com/t/XcaLV1j8m

MA                                                                                                     http://screencast.com/t/6y85OEWP

Dr. Alexsander                                                                                 http://screencast.com/t/tQz3HeR6Ze

Dr. Gil                                                                                               http://screencast.com/t/Fj2bUoIo3

Dr. Rapoport                                                                                    http://screencast.com/t/m8EhyQzh

NAMAL Directors Summery                                                          http://screencast.com/t/sEEAZnrtD5g7

Word Congress of Mental Health                                                  http://screencast.com/t/LOTz4EdfG

Toyama Festival in Japan                                                              http://screencast.com/t/YMOWFCL3